So You Want to Be a Real Estate Investor?


It’s an exciting thing to think about buying a fixer-upper and flipping it.  I mean, it looks so easy on TV anyone can do it right?!  WRONG!  If you have no experience in real estate investing there is a lot of education and preparation needed before you take a dive into the RE investing world.  First, the #1 priority is knowing what a good deal looks like by understanding your numbers  – most importantly rehab costs and ARV (After Repair Value aka “comps”) in your market.  Second, you MUST have a strong team of contractors to get the work done on time and within budget.   Speaking of budget, investing will always cost more than planned until you build efficient teams and systems.  Even then you will encounter unexpected costs, roadblocks and more hurdles.   You’ll need financing and a solid strategy and schedule mapped out before you apply for a loan.  If you have lots of cash available for your acquisition, you still need a great plan. Otherwise, the money can evaporate quickly! 

But, don’t fret – it’s possible when you have the right team behind you, starting with a knowledgable and experienced investor-friendly agent!   One of the things unique about Dave Matthew Properties and working with David Thomas is his experience as an investor, as well as his vast experience working with other investors in residential real estate and multi-family investments.  He is a highly skilled and aggressive investor-friendly agent in Union County and Northern NJ.  

Contact David today to help guide you toward your next real estate investment  – whether it’s your first investment property or expanding your current portfolio.  David can be reached at 908-481-5741 or 


Below are links to a few of our favorite resources for both beginning investors and experienced (we have no affiliation with these folks, we just enjoy the content they offer to the public for free and feel they bring tons of value to aspiring entrepreneurs and the real estate community). is a great site with tons of free information for all experience levels.  Here is their Ultimate Beginners Guide and it’s free!


Rod Khlief for multi-family investing and advice, and the psychology of success in RE; host of Lifetime Cash Flow through Real Estate Investing Podcast.  He’s been wildly successful, lost it all and came back even bigger and better.

Matt Faircloth – The Derosa Group. A very successful investor based here in NJ.  He has been in the business for over 15 years, serving the NJ and PA markets.  He has great content on YouTube.  Matt’s wife and partner Liz hosts “The Real Estate Invest Her” podcast.